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Incense Earrings!

Incense Earrings!

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These pieces of jewelry were handmade and designed by me!

These designs feature gold wire, lava/incense beads, and colored glass seed beads

Both the earring hook and chain are made from anti-tarnish, 18k, gold plated copper.


In order of the pictures: 

Butterfly Blues

Babrie's Dream

Barney's Beads

Black and White


How they work:

The lava beads are porous, therefore able to hold a few drops of incense or essential oils.

All you have to do is add a couple drops and the scent should last up to 2 days!

When the beads are dry they will be a lighter color and when they have oil in them they will be a darker color.

When you first receive the earrings they will already have natural peppermint essential oil. Either wash them in water or wait a few days and then add your own scent!

Thank you so much for supporting my shop, please contact me with any questions!


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