#Blacktober 2020

Blacktober 2020 Drawings

#Blacktober is an art challenge during the month of October 2020, created by Black Artists (Cel & Celi), for Black Artists. One main goal was to allow Black artists to redraw their childhood favorites as Black people instead, since Black people in cartoons have been majorly overlooked. The other goal was to allow Black artists to have their time to shine, especially after a year full of tragedies and loss. All drawings down below have been hand drawn by me, not traced. Also, some of the work shown here wasn't posted on Instagram and/or Twitter, I hope y'all enjoy ^.^ 

This was the official prompt list but the pictures will be listed down below in no particular order!!

The Blacktober Prompt List
Cruella De Vil
Black Cruella de Vil, with a Half Black Half White afro, in a Dalmatian coat, holding a cigarette holder, against a purple building background
Black Daria with a Brown Afro and a gold nose piercing, her arms crossed, against a purple background
Totally Spies
Black Totally Spies - Three Black women dressed in yellow, red, and green, body suits, each posed in a fighting stance, on a pink background
Adventure Time
Black Finn with Black curly hair, standing with Jake on a mountain in Ooo, both yielding weapons against an orange sunset
Kim Possible
Black Kim Possible with a large orange afro, in a fighting stance, holding a weapon against a green background
Miss Frizzle
Black Miss Frizzle, with short orange curly hair, standing in front of the Magic School bus, in space
Courage The Cowardly Dog
Murial and the Husband from Courage the Cowardly Dog, posing in front of their farm house in the middle of nowhere, everything in a purplish hue
Wicked: The Musical
Black Elphaba from Wicked, standing by herself, holding a book against her lap
Johnny Bravo
Black Johnny Bravo with a large afro and holding a pick!
Tina Belcher
Black Tina Belcher
Jenny The Teenage Robot
Helga G. Pataki
Gerald Martin Johanssen

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