I'm Toni Mack, the creator and face behind ARTWOES.

I am a a student, artist, (occasionally a writer) and activist who is passionate about creating art while also practicing sustainability and using resources as well as materials that are eco-friendly and ethically made when ever I can. 

Every item on this site is either handmade by me or ethically sourced from suppliers in America and Canada. We are also transitioning into using eco-friendly shipping and packing materials, phasing out the old supplies until we run out! 

I created this website not only to display and sell the items I create, but to use my platform to advocate for social justice, universal equality, eco-friendly/sustainable living, and feature other artists who believe the same.

When you shop ARTWOES, you are donating to the GoFundMes of Black womxn, trans people, children, undocumented immigrants, and others in need, Black Lives Matter, homeless shelters/donations and more.

I have an app that directly takes from my site and donates 10% of my profits to Black Girls Smile, certain products have been made for specific non-profit organizations and I independently donate to local organizations, Venmos, GFMs, and other petitions or people I see that need money, when I can. 

Although I have been creating for many years, I am by no means a professional! I am a self-taught artist and I learn new things everyday. Follow along on my blog or Instagram as I discover who I am as an artist and as a twenty-something year old trying to create art (and just like... be alive) while the world is falling apart :-). 

My website is about honesty and is a representation of me trying to share my authentic self and experiences with the world. I wanted to create art that makes me happy but also goes beyond that and helps others as well. 

If you have a non-profit organization or community organizations, please don't hesitate to message me! I enjoy giving back to my community and people who need my help. On a smaller scale, if you are an artist running a Gofundme or that is in need of money, let's collaborate! I'd love to feature other's on my website as well as meet other artist in any and every medium.