How to Apply Decals!


While decals and stickers have many similarities, the application of decals differs from that of a sticker. A decal usually has three layers: the paper backing, the sticker itself, and transfer tape on top. To figure out how to apply your decal, follow the instructions below!

Stickers vs decals

1. Once you receive the decal, take an old gift card or credit card and run it over the top, transparent part of the sticker to ensure the transfer tape is stuck onto the decal itself.

2. Choose the area where you would like to place the decal and clean it. You may use rubbing alcohol or any other cleaning substance as long as there is no oily or dusty residue on the surface.

3. Peel off the paper backing, making sure the decal stays on the transfer tape. (Pro tip: to ensure perfect placement, use masking take to secure the sticker on to the surface of your choosing and then remove the paper backing).

4. Press your decal onto it surface, running the old gift card/credit card over it to make sure it has adhered to the surface. (Decals cannot be reused or reapplied so make sure to go slow and be patient!).

5. Gently peel the transfer tape from the decal, peeling from one angle and keeping it at an angle. If your decal keeps peeling up or sticks to the transfer tape, use your old card to press it back on your surface or even use it to help hold the decal down as you peel the tape away.

6. Enjoy your cute new decal!

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