Things to Distract Yourself from the Election Tonight

Here's a list of websites, games, and things to do to distract yourself leading up to tonight's election!

Art Stuff

Random Art Prompt Generator!

Anxiety giving you art block? Try an art prompt generator!

I would also suggest going through this past October ink challenges and maybe trying a prompt from those lists on your own!!

Can't draw but want to make art? Try Silk - an interactive generative art website where you can make mandala-like pieces with just the mouse. 

MapCrunch - Allows you to jump to random places on the Earth, perfect for challenging yourself with a new background drawing or setting. 

Gruntle Me - Originally made to fix disgruntled humans with cute pictures and videos of animals but you can use it as a random cute animal generator to draw!


A personal list of free internet games/links I've saved for when I'm bored:

Orisinal  - cute lil aesthetic games made by artist Ferry Halim 

Alter Ego - One of those life simulator games. "Text based Interactive Fiction." Honestly it can be pretty boring or interesting depending on what you find fun lol. I like it sometimes but sometimes it just too much reading. 

Touch Pianist - Watch or pretend to play any classic 

Ztype - A game that helps you learn how to type faster!! Lowkey love this game and it also actually helped me learn how to type faster.

Bricksmash - Created by Darnek, this game is kinda like that old-school ping pong game but more ping pong balls and musical. 

Make Everything Okay Button - A digital button that makes everything okay.

Calm Sound - Literally just calm sounds. The ocean, rainforest, rain, etc.

Virtual Piano - Another virtual piano, this one is harder. Why do I have these saved? I really don't know.

I also have free printable and coloring pages available here on my site!

 I'll probably add on to this list in the future just because I save a lot of links and I also get bored very often. Hope everyone takes care of themselves today and the days after!!! Sending love (and a safety) to every Black person in America. 

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